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A Rounded, T-Shaped, SQUARE!

So this is my first ever blog post!! And it its because I have become a “Square” that I am here writing this.

We Are Squared

I began my journey a month ago and can’t believe I am one month down already!

It was within my never ending quest as a recent graduate trying to find a job and my next step in life that a stumbled across this new revolutionary course. With a hopeful application for a scholarship and rather dodgy youtube plea I awaited the news which finally came… ¬†a day after the stated course start date I might add! (which kept me on my toes)

I was thankfully (air fist pump) ¬†given the great opportunity and pleasure to have been offered a full scholarship, which I have grasped full throttle and has amazingly already opened the door to potential agency jobs up here in Manchester!! (Though I am still unemployed so any one out there recruiting… I am here! ūüėÄ )

What have I learned?

Well firstly that we are the class of 2015! We are the generation ruled and dominated by our digital lives:



This of course is quite obvious but made me sit and really look at my digital life and how much time and money I actually spend on-line, and how in fact I really couldn’t survive without it. I think it was Neil Perkins who asked people in his video¬†‚ÄúChanges in Technology and Behaviour and the Impact of Change on Digital‚ÄĚ (which is brilliant and you should watch) to hand their phone to the people next to them and see if it makes you feel uncomfortable knowing someone else has part of your digital life in their hands. Just watching this and the thought of loosing my iphone sent shivers down my spine… sad but very true, I am an addict to my digital world, and flappy birds is my crack…. and I think in some ways we all are…. what is your digital fix?


What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is about psychology and sociology, backed up by technology.

One of the main point that rings home from the first module is to be a t-shaped employee. Ensuring you have one skill you have mastered but also to ensure you have a broad t-shaped set of other skills you know and understand and within a life of learning you can continue to add to, whilst also being a rounded individual. Confusingly wise words once you get your head around it.

This is something I feel that rings true with me, I have always been a self learner and intrigued by how things work, with work experience ranging from travel exec, to recording studio management, to event and festival planning and production, and my own personal website building and designing. I would like to think I am well on my way to the man of many skills, but not yet the master of one.

But in short be a  rounded, t-shaped, square! which according to Google looks something like this: 


My main goals within this course are:

  • Hone my digital marketing skills so that¬†I can deliver a comprehensive range of ¬†digital solutions that produce results.
  • Understand the latest technical digital tools/analytics that can unlock and analyse the vast data and allow me to consult on the best digital marketing practices.