Disruption + Change & Business Models

 So this is Module 2 and we are  sadly drawing to the end with assignment deadline day looming.

We began with understanding digital disruption and how it is affecting business:


Interesting the top 4 technologies that will disrupt with maximum impact on economic growth by 2025 are :


Social    /    Mobile    /   Automation of Knowledge (robotics) /  Cloud

With these in mind we were asked to look at innovation and create a digital business idea that ‘could make millions’ and then build a business model upon it.

The idea I created and pitched to my team was :


As a team we very democratically looked over and voted for our favourite idea. Mine was unfortunately not chosen but the one I voted for was! 😀

We chose to create a food app  that will allow you to take instagram like photos of your dishes and rate and share them with your friends.

Having this idea we had to then utilise different business model planning approaches the one we chose which is also a favourite of digital agencies is SOSTAC:



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