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The Digital Marketing Mix / Content

Continuing on In Module 2 we looked at the digital marketing mix, looking at further techniques employed by digital marketeers to create effective strategies.

The key question is “What’s do customers want?”

Instead of the traditional “4 P’s” of marketing now in the digital age it is better to use S>A>V>E, explained in the diagram below:



Content Is King

Content creates relevance and is more trustworthy than adverts.


Content builds relationships and gets us talking.

Engage the customers!

A great example is the Chipotle Scarecrow campaign shown in the video below:


Below is an interesting info graphic on the trends that will drive the marketing mix this year:

2014 Marketing Statistics Infographic

The Customer Journey / ZMOT

This is the beginning of Module 3 where we start to really delve into the new “customer journey” which we touched on in previous modules.

The customer journey from touch point to sale. (The path  from interaction to action)

This is the Traditional marketing funnel (engagement funnel) purchasing funnel


Digital has reshaped the traditional model and the customer journey. It is no longer a funnel!

We’ve now got three different types of media:

Paid Media – (eg. traditional advertising, newpaper tv, experiential etc)

Owned Media – (eg. the store, or brochures)

Earned Media – (eg. social media engagement, sharing experience)

This is outlined in the diagram below.

paid owned earned

We move around the journey as we come across different touch points! Within this multi channel market place:

multi channel journey

A great example of this multi channel customer journey was created by Fitch for IKEA:

See me examples here:

The traditional 3 step model

Stimulus —————- First Moment of Truth    ———— Second Moment of Truth


See ad for camera ——- go to store, see and buys ————- uses camera

It has now includes the ZERO MOMENT OF TRUTH :


See ad for camera ——- research cameras online ——-go to store, see and buys ————- uses camera

  • Consumers see an advert and now immediately research the product, look at reviews before visiting the’store’
  • The ad could also be a stimulus that may result in the consumer finding a better product with research.
  • The Consumers learns and decides to purchase at the Zero Moment of Truth

The New Engagement Funnel with UMOT

The Ultimate Moment of Truth is the moment when people convert their experience into content which they share across their social platforms!

In the connected economy this Ultimate Moment of Truth then becomes the new Zero Moment of Truth.

As a result it has now become a more DYNAMIC Customer Journey :

the dynamic customer journey

Different industries will have different journeys, with more impetus on relevant sections of the journey.


Learn more about the art of digital engagement here:

An obsession with stats ruining the UK music business? Radio 1

There was a recent article for The Guardian which went behind the scenes at a Radio 1’s playlisting meeting. They chatted with those on the current selection board and generally revealing how decisions on what’s goes on there are made. Unsurprisingly, social media stats get referenced a fair bit, with YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other public data being considered when discussing whether or not an artist should win a spot on the station’s playlist. Whilst exceptions are made, by the end of the article the writer concludes that “it all feels so soulless”, lamenting the days when Peel could play what he wanted and took risks.

Its a sad to say that I can totally understand why Radio 1 use this process to discover what is popular and what should make the playlist. The artists with the most views on youtube, or twitter followers should are “big” enough to get the air time.

This I can see now causing record labels to solely focus on getting the views and the hits to show Radio 1 the next artist is the real deal. You can buy 100k views on youtube for dolla and the labels will and are doing this, which ensures those with the money will get their artists promoted.

Although there are the odd exception it does just feels sad that gone are they days of DJ’s finding a new cool band they love who play great music and playing them on the radio. Despite how many twitter followers they have or facebook likes.

Check out the article below: