Data Is King, Insightful and Beautiful

This is module 4. Within this module we looked at data! Where it comes from how we gather it.  gain insights from it and display is in a beautiful info graphic!


How much data is there in the world???

1,200 exabytes!!! which is 1 billion gigabytes.

We can gather data from a variety of data of locations which is shown in the diagram below:

how gather data


Data = the raw information

Insight = the interpretation of data

Insights spot trends and relationships within the data.

Important questions to ask when interpreting data:

  • What are the objectives?
  • Whats the context?
  • Does it influence product purchase? (should be a positive effect)
  • Is the insight bold/new? 
  • Does it tell you where the money is?
My Beautiful Data

Info graphics are an important way to make the data easier to interpret!

5 key questions when creating an info graphic

  • 1. Whats the objective / overall goal?
  • 2. Whats the narrative / story?
  • 3. What type of data do you have? ( explanatory data / exploratory data )
  • 4. What design elements?
  • 5. Who is the audience?

This is a great site to look at how beautful data can be!

what makes a good infogaphic?

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