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An obsession with stats ruining the UK music business? Radio 1

There was a recent article for The Guardian which went behind the scenes at a Radio 1’s playlisting meeting. They chatted with those on the current selection board and generally revealing how decisions on what’s goes on there are made. Unsurprisingly, social media stats get referenced a fair bit, with YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other public data being considered when discussing whether or not an artist should win a spot on the station’s playlist. Whilst exceptions are made, by the end of the article the writer concludes that “it all feels so soulless”, lamenting the days when Peel could play what he wanted and took risks.

Its a sad to say that I can totally understand why Radio 1 use this process to discover what is popular and what should make the playlist. The artists with the most views on youtube, or twitter followers should are “big” enough to get the air time.

This I can see now causing record labels to solely focus on getting the views and the hits to show Radio 1 the next artist is the real deal. You can buy 100k views on youtube for dolla and the labels will and are doing this, which ensures those with the money will get their artists promoted.

Although there are the odd exception it does just feels sad that gone are they days of DJ’s finding a new cool band they love who play great music and playing them on the radio. Despite how many twitter followers they have or facebook likes.

Check out the article below: